IPC, Pull the Plug on Remini’s Hateful, Deceitful, Un-American Atrocity

I will not always be around to stand guard over my kids and so endeavor to try and put a world there that they can be successful in. I try and remove some of the evil I find before it finds them.

July 31, 2018

Sheldon Yellen
Birmingham, MI

Dear Mr. Yellen,

I hope this letter finds you continuing to prosper. I am writing about one of the television programs that the company you fund, the Intellectual Property Corporation, produces. While I will be informing you of an injustice and asking you to remove your support for this program, I am doing it with the belief you have no idea of the harm it is doing to millions of good people. Or how it threatens the quality of life of my children.

Remini’s program openly attacks with the purpose of creating hate and ridicule of my religion.

As a quick search of your background shows you to be a person that builds things and not someone likely to invest in hate or bigotry, I wanted to write you this letter.

I too build things and have spent my life doing this. As a general contractor and as a Scientologist. And though I could tell you of the many creations I have built as a contractor, it is my creations as a Scientologist and a father that I wish to share with you.

The first is my family. I have two wonderful adult children who were raised in the Scientology religion. As adults, they chose to continue practicing Scientology. My daughter is a Women’s College Basketball Coach who works with thousands of youngsters each year. Within her programs she teaches of the dangers of drug abuse using the Church-sponsored “Truth About Drugs” program to educate these young people about the ruinous effects of drugs. Through this, she has touched the lives of thousands and thousands of young kids with basketball dreams. Jules, as I call her, has a graduation rate of 95% and is determined to have a lasting effect on her community within her chosen profession. This is Scientology. This is a simple example of what Scientology really is. Living YOUR life as you see fit and creating a better world while you are doing it.

I know you were in New Orleans after Katrina hit. You may have bumped into her there as she was assisting families as part of the Scientology Volunteer Minister disaster response program. You may also have met my son, as he was there as a Volunteer Minister as well, on the coast helping families start putting their lives back together. My son now works full time in the church delivering courses like “How to Get Motivated” or “Overcoming Ups and Downs in Life.” In this way, he has dedicated his life to helping individuals who wish to improve themselves. He is one of the most alive and vivacious people I have ever met.

Now to my better half, my wife Lynda. She helps me within my company and then spends her afternoons and evenings helping others. The number of things she is involved in is amazing. Raising funds for “Community United” a local nonprofit staffed by Scientologists that runs free afterschool programs of tutoring and day care in the poorer sections of San Jose. The program effectively steers teens away from a life of crime. Whole sections of our community have been revitalized with this program. After that she is handing out drug prevention materials at sporting events, and the list goes on and on.

The point in all of this is that this TV program attacks my family and paints them as entirely different from who or what they are. It makes the world a dangerous place for them to express themselves in. And though I care not what anyone thinks of me, I cannot tolerate another attacking my children—they certainly deserve better.

I will not always be around to stand guard over my kids and so endeavor to try and put a world there that they can be successful in. I try and remove some of the evil I find before it finds them. It may be a fool’s game but I, like so many other Scientologists who are fathers, believe I can be successful.

And so this is why I have sought you out. To ask you to take an honest look at where you invest your money. This program is deceitful and full of destructive lies. It seeks to get others to attack Scientologists out in the real world. Scientologists have been harmed by people acting off the lies fed to them by this program. I have to assume, then, that it seeks to attack my children. And I, like you, say: “not on my watch brother, not on my watch.”

I ask you to pull the plug on this hateful, deceitful, un-American atrocity.

John Allender
San Jose, Calif

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