Who Are the People Who Trash Religion, Anyway?

Is it just me or does it seem that certain people of a certain type are always seeking opportunities to launch a full-frontal attack on religion?

Who are these people who overtly attack people of faith and seek to refuse them their First Amendment rights?

Well, to answer that question, let’s look at people of faith—what they think and what they do.

  • People of faith believe they and those around them are spiritual and imbued with the grace of God. It doesn’t matter which God, religious people share that belief. We believe that, as we are created by God, we are guided by him in many ways, and we seek to live up to this honor by being the best we can be.
  • People of faith stick together when times get tough. Sometimes the tougher times get, the more we stick together. When a loved one is ill or dies, the members of our congregation show up with food and comfort. When we are having a tough time, for whatever reason, we turn to other members of our group or to our ministers and there is always someone there to help us.
  • People of faith reach out to help those around them no matter their religious beliefs—or lack thereof.
  • In our church, our Volunteer Ministers are always ready to pitch in. They have distributed more than 5 million educational booklets to their communities during this pandemic. You can find them at the scene of every emergency in their yellow shirts, helping. My Latter-day Saints friends do the same and so do my Protestant and Catholic friends.
  • People of faith create music and art to honor the divine spark that resides within us.

A brief glance through the Renaissance reveals so many examples of art and architecture created in honor of and inspired by the artist’s faith. Grand churches made of massive stones have sprung up in every European city—a testament to the faith and love of the people who began building them, knowing they might never live to see them finished.

Many geniuses like Bach and Haydn, who wrote some of the most perfect music ever created, were very religious men.

So if people of faith do all of these things, you have to ask yourself this question: what kind of person would want to attack them?

And when you’ve answered that, you’ll understand. 

Chris Ellis
Chris Ellis is an author, music instructor and professional blogger. Chris has written extensively as a guest blogger and has been the top blogger for lifehack.org. She lives in San Jose, California with her husband and generously proportioned Chihuahua, Little.