What I Learned on My Ride

On the first real day of spring here in central Oregon, I dusted off my bicycle and went for a ride.

My neighbors, devout Christians, waved and wished me well. I returned their kindness.

Country road
Photo by Extremechan/Shutterstock.com

I passed a young African-American girl drawing unicorns and rainbows on the sidewalk. “Nice drawings,” I called out to her. She giggled.

Three drivers took extraordinary efforts to stop and let me pass, waving at me as I did.

The Jewish widower who lives by the park was planting flowers. He wiped his forehead, leaving a dirty smudge, and smiled at me.

I counted seventeen children and six dogs playing in the park. The sun was warm, and the daffodils were in full riot.

I returned home, and lamented to myself, “Why can’t the world be that way?” Then I realized.

It is.

Leland Thoburn
Leland has been a Scientologist for 45 years. His writings have been published in numerous magazines and literary journals, including Foliate Oak Review, Writers’ Journal, Feathertale Review, Calliope, Vocabula Review and others. Formerly an executive at EarthLink Inc., he works as a business consultant.