How I Answer Questions About Scientology: “Do the Math.”

Scientology has millions of parishioners­. MILLIONS.

I have been asked on occasion why it is that there are a few unhappy ex-parishoners and I literally want to laugh when I am asked this. I don’t even slightly get defensive. I just say: “Do the math.”

In any group you get your “disgruntled” or “upset” people or you could even have your “bad apples” thrown in there. ANY GROUP. I would venture that Scientology has perhaps the FEWEST of any and probably the highest ratio of diehard, adamant supporters to “disgruntled” ones.

I have been a Scientologist for over 20 years—since I was a teenager. I literally have spoken to thousands of other Scientologists. I can’t even count on ONE HAND the number of complaints I have heard from other Scientologists about their religion. I, however, could fill a ten-volume Encyclopedia-Britannica-sized set with the praise I have heard, firsthand, from other Scientologists about what Scientology has done for them. And no, I’m not exaggerating.

If we had a truly unbiased media, these successes would be reported regularly, but sadly we do not.

I’m also very sure most other Scientologists have had a similar experience in this regard. Scientology’s success rate in the field of resolving problems of the mind and providing practical, effective life solutions to virtually any difficulty is off the charts. A small beginning course in Scientology has completely reversed countless lives in this world for the better and has even saved lives. I proudly count myself as one. Fact.

If we had a truly unbiased media, these successes would be reported regularly, but sadly we do not. As many of us are well aware now (maybe you have been aware of this for a while), today’s mainstream media is solely run by vested interests. If you don’t believe that, then just watch the news and the commercials and you will know who their “bosses” are. Scientology is not a member of that club, nor do we want to be, so we have not—and will not—be getting that press coverage.

So my solution to this is, when someone asks me about a few upset ex-Scientologists out there complaining, I just “do the math” with them. I don’t try to prove anyone wrong or get defensive­­—I don’t have to because I have actual facts and truth. Just do the math. Numbers of happy Scientologists out there vs. numbers of ex-Scientologists out there complaining.

If I had that ratio of success in my business, I would be a billionaire.

John Logothetis
Entrepreneur,  Business Owner, Martial Artist, Loving Father, friend of many and freedom fighter for all. Always one to stand up for what is right and just.