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January 2, 2018

The New Year

As 2018 launches and 2017 fades in the rear-view mirrors of our minds, STAND looks forward to a year of great strides in the fields of tolerance, mutual respect and religious freedom.

New years fireworks

“Thanks to a united effort by members of all religions to practice proudly and defend their respective faiths,” said International STAND Director Edward Parkin, “I anticipate that 2018 will launch a new era—one of peace and respect in which, together, we will succeed in showing the world that religion should be both celebrated and protected by all, and that faith should be valued as the gift it is to civilization.”

“Our Founder, L. Ron Hubbard, once wrote: ‘On the day when we can fully trust each other, there will be peace on Earth,’” said National STAND Director Bari Berger. “It has never been more relevant. Let us help and respect one another in the coming year—building bridges between faiths and standing up for one another’s rights—so that we can inspire the trust that has the power to bring peace to our world.”

The international STAND team wishes all a prosperous and happy New Year.

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Urge adoption of the Charter on Journalistic Ethics in Relation to Respect for Religion or Belief. Make your voice heard.


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