August 1, 2017 Religious Discrimination at Odds with Their Roots

Mr. McAfee responded to this letter by writing in part: My intent was not to offend anyone, so for that I'm sorry. I only seek to critique beliefs, and not believers, and I do believe everyone has the right to believe as they see fit (as long as they don't harm anyone else as a result of those beliefs). Thank you for your time. David G. McAfee

August 1, 2017

David G. McAfee

Mr. McAfee:

Your article “A Trip to Scientology’s Underground…” contains anti-religious bigotry against the Church of Scientology.

When writing about Bruce Springsteen, George Clooney or Mark Wahlberg, do you go out of your way to disparage their religion with snarky comments because each actor was raised a Catholic? Would you ridicule the late Muhammad Ali’s Islamic faith? Or Mahatma Gandhi’s beliefs, because they differ from yours?

Religious tolerance and mutual respect is a better way for you to conduct yourself.

Gratuitous, inflammatory comments like the ones you published do nothing more than show arrogance toward people of faith. We respect your right to freedom of speech and the press. You too should respect the freedom of religion so many cherish. Religious bigotry of any kind has no place in our society.

Edward Parkin
International Director STAND

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