June 22, 2017 caught copying false Daily Mail piece

Please in the future do actual research and reporting. Do not merely crib the work of others, whose adherence to even the lowest journalistic standards ended long ago.

June 22, 2017

Rob Waugh

Mr. Waugh:

I read your take-off of Scott Campbell’s hateful Daily Mail article purporting to cover Scientology Volunteer Ministers working at the Grenfell Tower disaster helping those affected.

That he twisted the truth to suit his own ends is disturbing, but at least explains why reports from the Daily Mail have been branded by Wikipedia as “unreliable.” That you follow the Mail’s direction is your loss.

What the Scientology Volunteer Ministers did on-site, as recorded by eyewitnesses was as follows:

  • 50 Scientology volunteers gave their time to help those affected. They helped the distraught, provided shelter, food, water, collected clothes, blankets, toiletries, baby food, nappies and worked with the many other volunteers sorting donated articles.
  • Scientology volunteers found and distributed 1,000 dust masks to police and emergency personnel—a vital commodity as the blaze released asbestos and other toxic material.
  • A Catholic nun, with swollen legs, after praying and listening to crying residents and relatives for three days, came to the Scientology VM tent asking for help. She received a Scientology assist to relieve emotional and physical trauma and left relieved and rejuvenated.
  • Two residents of Grenfell, a mother and her daughter, came to the Scientology tent. The mother had a very painful back and neck and her daughter was distraught. The Volunteer Ministers were able to help both and they left the tent smiling.
  • Many others came to the Scientology Volunteer Minister tent to seek relief or solace, and whatever was needed was provided to them.
  • Amongst many others, the Latimer Community Church volunteered with the Scientology Volunteer Ministers.
  • A lady, made homeless by the fire, came into contact with Volunteer Ministers and after brief discourse left laughing and said it was the first time she had laughed in days.
  • Another lady came to the Volunteer Minister tent with a young child who said she lost two friends in the fire and had not slept properly since then, obsessively watching the news. It was suggested to her that she stop watching the news and instead recall a pleasant moment and talk about it. She did—a wonderful holiday in Cyprus—and ended with a big, broad smile.
  • Scientology Volunteer Ministers, together with other volunteers of all types and callings, had formed a human chain to load supplies into the Scientology van when a pedestrian walking by was heard saying, “we love you Scientologists.”
  • A police inspector told a Volunteer Minister how much he appreciated Scientologists just being there and talking to people.
  • Another called into LBC Radio and said that the Scientologists had a greater presence than the local council.
  • Scientology Volunteer Ministers worked arm-in-arm with Christians, Sikhs, Muslims and all others working to provide help, including musicians who put life back into the streets with their music.

That is the true story of the Scientology Volunteer Minister tent.

Please in the future do actual research and reporting. Do not merely crib the work of others, whose adherence to even the lowest journalistic standards ended long ago.


Edward Parkin
International Director STAND

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