You Have the Power to Create Calm

These are uncertain times and, as a general rule, people don’t deal with uncertainty very well. I’ve seen an entire spectrum of reactions and responses to the coronavirus ranging from resiliently rolling with the punches, in some, to considerable emotional distress in others. A common feeling in many is one of being out of control—a carpet has been pulled out from under us, upsetting the balance of life. Confusion ensues.

While vital for our health, our shared responsibility to maintain social distancing and a variety of other restrictions to protect ourselves and each other from the effects of something we can’t even see increases the feeling of uncertainty and lack of control. People deal with it in various ways.

In Scientology, we talk about being at cause, rather than being at effect. And we talk about achieving stability by grabbing one thing we can be sure of.

There is one thing we each have the power to be cause over and to be sure of: our ability to create. In the photography blog society that I’m a part of, many people are photographers. Others draw and paint. Still others craft words. There are musicians. Philosophers. Social commentators. Chefs. Gardeners. Entrepreneurs. And more. All are extremely creative. And they’re all doing pretty well these days.

In a broader sense, we have this in common: we are all human beings. We create our lives, our families, our relationships, our work, our friendships, our care of others, and more.

The very essence of our spiritual side is the ability to create. It is and always will be completely under our control. 

All of this is creativity in one form or another, involving acts of creation, large or small. They all amount to the expression and celebration of life in countless ways. All can be considered acts of love, no matter your religion, belief system or other view of life.

Life is a combination of physical and spiritual elements. Science gives us the answers on the physical side. Religion gives us strength, stability, and ways to create our better selves on the spiritual side. These two subjects are not incompatible. Both are vital. Indeed, many doctors and scientists have observed that the individual’s inner strength makes all the difference in his physical wellbeing. That’s the spiritual side.

The very essence of our spiritual side is the ability to create. It is and always will be completely under our control. We can create our way out of confusion and into stability and peace of mind. We can do it for ourselves and we can do it to inspire and help bring stability and peace of mind to others.

Scientology Founder L. Ron Hubbard wrote: “The greatest joy there is in life is creating. Splurge on it.”

So stay well. Do good. Be kind. Create.


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