The Creation of Love & Hate

The rabbis of old tell us that it came to pass, in the twilight of the Sixth Day, after God created the heavens and the earth and all living creatures, that He set about planning the miracles that were to come about.

Hands outstretched

He set in motion a natural framework for the waters of the Red Sea to part precisely in time for Moses and the Children of Israel to pass through; for the sun to stand still and prolong the day for the armies of Joshua to vanquish the Canaanites in the Promised Land; for the flames of Nebuchadnezzar’s fiery furnace to spare the lives of the faithful and allow them to pass unscathed.

“It is not for me to create hatred among men. That is a burden and a task only you can undertake.”

In doing these things, He sat in council with Adam. “Lord,” said Adam, “will You not grant us a gift—a miracle that happens not just once, but throughout eternity, as a daily reminder of Your grace and of Your presence in each person’s heart?”

And God said, “I will give you Love. The love in your heart will be my divinity residing within you.”

Adam answered, “May we not also have Hate, that we may appreciate Love all the more?”

And God said, “It is not for me to create hatred among men. That is a burden and a task only you can undertake.”

And so it came to pass on the twilight of the Sixth Day, that God created Love, while Man created Hate.

And on the Seventh Day God rested.


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