Don’t Be Stupid

To me stupidity is not knowing about something, but then acting or speaking as if you do. Let’s say you start criticizing someone’s religion. What exactly are you criticizing? Is there some specific verse, writing, theory or philosophy you’re referring to? Or is it based on something you “heard” on the news or someone else’s ignorant opinion? This world is full of critics, full of armchair quarterbacks and backseat drivers. The fact is, if you look just a little closer into their criticisms, you will find they are almost invariably uninformed.

Ever notice some former pro-ball player going over game performances in a post-game show? He may get critical but his criticism is based on the actual facts of the game. He will mix in some spin to make it entertaining, but you can tell the guy knows what he is talking about, so he will not look stupid in his analysis. That’s a pro. He is usually very respected too, which is why he is paid big bucks for his informed opinion.

Now, if you criticize another’s religion, I’ll be blunt: you look stupid. Why? Because I can guarantee you really don’t know the facts. Maybe there are some fair, fact-knowing criticisms about religion out there—maybe. But anytime I have seen criticisms of another’s beliefs, they’ve come in the form of uninformed and laughable comments and to me they looked pretty dumb. I didn’t know what the heck they were talking about and they didn’t seem to either. Some of the biggest failures in life are some of the biggest critics. The pro just goes about his business, you hardly hear him/her criticizing and he/she is usually easy to get along with.

At least become educated on a subject before discussing it. If you want to talk about a book, don’t you think you should read it first?

That’s my take. If I’ve made you feel stupid, my apologies. But my advice is to at least become educated on a subject before discussing it. If you want to talk about a book, don’t you think you should read it first? Those are fun, real conversations. But critical comments and assertions that one knows all there is to know about something or someone else’s beliefs serve no purpose.

If you are trying to make yourself feel better by putting others down, it’s not going to work. I’d try the opposite: be understanding, polite, tolerant and professional. Isn’t that the way you’d want others to treat you?


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