Bigotry & Hate Exposed

This section documents and exposes individuals who seek to incite the public through hate speech and misinformation to stigmatize and engender hostility towards Scientologists and their Church.

The individuals portrayed here have all violated fundamental human rights by improperly denigrating a religion to incite hostility and discrimination; in a number of instances specified herein, this has led to violence—which the perpetrators’ statements show was incited by biased media.

Exposing Biased Media Propagandists

A free press is a fundamental guarantee of democracy, but when false or exaggerated statements are spread to intentionally destroy the reputation of individuals and groups, the media degenerates into a propaganda weapon that not only foments bigotry but can spur those without accurate information to acts of hatred and even violence. STAND exposes biased media and its propagandists to provide the public the truth and to keep such poison from spreading and harming others.

Combating Hatemongers & Hate bloggers

The digital world provides a vast network that can be used to bring people together by helping them communicate with one another. Sadly, a small minority exists which takes pleasure in perverting this potential by using the Internet to foment bigotry. Those exposed here routinely spread lies and generate hatred not only about the Scientology religion, but about anyone whose faith or beliefs they are determined to destroy.

Debunking False Experts

An expert is one qualified to provide an honest scientific or professional opinion on a particular subject due to his familiarity with or special training in the field. There are, however, an unscrupulous few with no real knowledge who foist themselves off as “experts” in religion so as to subvert or destroy the freedoms and liberties of any faith with which they disagree. STAND depowers these false experts by exposing them for the frauds they are.

Take Action


If you have encountered hate speech and disinformation online, in the media, or in any public venue, take action by reporting it here.


Urge adoption of the Charter on Journalistic Ethics in Relation to Respect for Religion or Belief. Make your voice heard.


The first step in fighting intolerance and discrimination is raising awareness. Report discrimination of any kind to STAND here

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