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You can do something about anti-religious hate speech you see online. Using the guide below, it’s fast and easy to report bigotry, defamation or hatemongering to Internet service providers and social media sites that are wittingly or unwittingly supporting cyberhate. Use this service well and tell others to use it.

Along with “Best Practices for Challenging Cyberhate” guidelines, this reporting system was developed by the Anti-Defamation League in 2014, in consultation with Facebook, Google, Microsoft, Twitter, Yahoo and YouTube, to increase response and responsibility by service providers and social media sites.

General Hate Speech Policy 1

▶ Several of GoDaddy's services prohibit the promotion of hate crimes while other services explicitly prohibit hate-related content on Web sites.3

Reporting Options

Email GoDaddy

Cyberbullying/Harassment Policies & Resources

▶ None

Reporting Options

Report Policy Violation


  1. Note that many Web sites have multiple guidelines and user agreements which may address hate speech. These links are not meant to be a comprehensive list of every guideline or user agreement that addresses hate crimes.
  2. Facebook has differing enumerated categories on different Web pages. Additional definitions can be found in the Facebook's reporting area and within the Facebook Advertising Guidelines.
  3. GoDaddy reserves the right to terminate services for encouraging hate crimes in its Domain Buy services, Discount Domain Club membership, Certified Domains service, Premium Domain Name services, Instant Mobilizer service, Auctions services, Domain Transfer Validation service, Domain Ownership Protection service, Domain Name Registration services, Domains By Proxy services, Domain Monetization, Quick Blogcast, Web Hosting and Virtual Private Hosting services, Dedicated Hosting and Managed Hosting services. In its Domain Monetization Agreement, Ad Supported Hosting Agreement, and OS X Cloud Hosting Agreement, GoDaddy prohibits Web sites using those services from including hate-related material. In its Website/Web Store Design Agreement and Website Builder Service Agreement, GoDaddy states that these services cannot be used “to create a Facebook page that promotes, provides content reference, facilitates, contains, or uses...Content that is hateful...”
  4. Myspace.com now redirects to “New MySpace,” though old MySpace still exists.
  5. YouTube does not include veteran status in the Australian section of their hateful content.

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