Jon Atack
Jon Atack is a dishonest “deprogrammer” and unsavory hate blogger who has spread lies about the Scientology religion and Scientologists for over three decades.
Margaret Singer
The mantra of the anti-religious movement of the 1970s, 80s and early 90s revolved around the now-debunked theory of “cultic coercive persuasion” devised by psychologist Margaret Singer and sociologist Richard Ofshe.
Rick Ross
Rick Ross made a living as one of the most active deprogrammers of the 1980s and 90s. Ross now promotes himself as a so-called “cult expert.” The late Rev.
Steven Hassan
Steven Hassan’s history of violence spans more than 40 years both directly and through his support of deprogrammers who kidnap and abduct individuals from their religions.
Ted Patrick
Ted Patrick, the “father” of deprogramming and thrice-convicted felon, typifies the “deprogrammer” once used by the now-defunct Cult Awareness Network—prone to violence, scornful of the rights and beliefs of others, and willing to do anything for a price.
Tom DeVocht
A self-admitted compulsive liar, Tom DeVocht has spread hate ever since he was kicked out of the Church in 2005 for gross malfeasance. An audit showed he had covered up his gross mismanagement of construction projects and waste of millions of dollars of Church funds.
Rick Ross most notorious “deprogrammer”
As your aim is to “open a dialogue between millennials and key decision makers” it is incumbent on you to provide your reading public with the facts and not one man’s bigoted and corrupt view of religions and the world at large.