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Priest-Penitent Privilege in the United States
Due to accidents of history, priest-penitent privilege has rarely been analyzed in terms of constitutional protection.
In Celebration of Freedom, STAND Wishes All a Happy 4th of July
STAND joins with every religion and every American today to celebrate the freedom to live and believe with honor and integrity—and we thank all those fighting alongside us for religious freedom.
Ken Burns Unmasks the Opposite of Love—Indifference—In Scathing Magnum Opus, The U.S. and the Holocaust
As of a 1938 poll, two-thirds of Americans feel the persecution “has been partly or entirely the Jews’ own fault.”
Connecticut’s First Ever Sikh City Councilman Shows Us How to Build a Better America
The idea that every group, every religion, every individual can come together and contribute to their community by putting the needs of the entire community first is, for me, what America is all about.
What We Celebrate Each January 16 for Religious Freedom Day
The First Amendment, being words on paper, cannot defend against anything. It is only people—those who take those words and turn them into living, breathing ideas—that can make a difference.
Sprint, A&E’s Remini Show Needs To Go on Your “Do Not Air List”
Her program spews hatred rather than providing honest information. It has resulted in threats of violence against my religion by people who said they were goaded into criminal action by her message.
Church of Scientology IRS Tax Exemption
Church of Scientology IRS Tax Exemption
Serbian Orthodox Church Diocese for the United States v. Milivojevich (1976)