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Desensitizing Hate: A Scientologist’s Perspective
But rather than focusing on what we don’t like about others, we should look for ways to accept—even admire—our differences.
Bigoted HuffPost Reporter Matthew Jacobs Writes Discriminatory, Lazy Piece on Scientology
Is this what they now teach in journalism school? Throw around a few generalities preceded by libelous adjectives like “brutal” “oppressive” and “cagey” and you’ve got yourself a piece?
Come on, Huffington Post!
The Huffington Post owes me and every other Scientologist an apology for deciding to climb onto the hate-Scientology bandwagon without thoroughly checking out their contributing writer and his sources.
Horrible Bigotry at HuffPost
When alarming accusations start to fly in the media, as they do more and more these days, do the right thing and scrutinize the accuser, not only the accused. If we do that the truth becomes blindingly clear; his accusers have nothing to say but lies, and their only intention is to bring harm to a person of good will.
Huff Post Hate
Today’s world of media-incited religious hatred is wrong. The only product of your article is to spread bigotry against Scientology. And if the press popularizes bigotry against one religion, whose faith is next?
Huffington Post Found Nurturing a Religious Hater
Tony Ortega is the caliber of researcher best employed by the likes of Ali—someone so utterly devoid of ethics that any claim, false or embellished, will do for his attack-dog writing.
Huff Post Reporter’s Obsession with Scientology Gets Him in Hot Water
I understand that he is, in his own words, “obsessed with Scientology,” but his obsession would be better satisfied finding out what it is and not just casting needless and baseless aspersions.