Wake Up and Smell the Coffee
Ever seen a news story of how crazy everything is “over there” and then you go “over there” or actually look into it and its absolutely not what the news was saying?
A&E Converts TV from “Instrument of Peace”to “Instrument of Hate”
My grandfather, Harry Warner, President of Warner Bros. Studio for over 50 years considered the medium of film and television “an instrument of peace.”
A&E Trying to Create Anti-religious Hate and Violence
When you sit in a room, as I have, and quietly listen to your 90-year-old mother talk about the KKK riding through a North Carolina town with torches, causing the kind of fear she as a young child had never before seen in the eyes of grownups around her; or heard your husband’s uncle describe himself as a 17-year-old boy in Auschwitz standing before and escaping from “Doctor of Death” Josef Mengele, you know that these activities started with widespread religious discrimination.
Disney & Hearst – Backing Religious Discrimination and Hatred?
Surely the executives and stockholders of A&E must condemn violence against a single religion. Assuming I am correct, how is it possible to renew the Remini show without acknowledging the harm it perpetrates?
13-Year-Old Boy Demands Cancellation of A&E / Remini Hate Show
A teenage boy in India is taking on A&E executives Nancy Dubuc and Paul Buccieri in a grassroots campaign against bigotry, hate and inciting violence. After seeing on-air previews of Leah Remini’s reality TV show that spreads hate about the Church of Scientology, New Delhi teenager Ram Sharma said he was “sick of” Remini’s bigoted rants.