Scientology religion

Objection to bigoted portrayal of Scientology
The snide, snobby, condescending and bigoted view of one far too satisfied with her own ignorance is grossly out of place in today’s world where it is shameful to fan hatred toward members of any religion.
Disgust at Rosie DiManno’s column on the Church of Scientology
This letter is to express my disgust at the bigoted, snark-laden portrayal of the Church of Scientology in Rosie DiManno’s column published yesterday on the website of the Toronto Star and affiliated publications.
MEDIA WATCH’s lack of culture in Scientology article
Your article of March 27 contains numerous offensive and reprehensible—not to mention false—references to Scientology—my religion and that of millions of other people around the world.
The Hollywood Reporter’s Bigotry
Your reference insults not only members of the Scientology religion but also anyone who cares about respect for the religion or beliefs of others. Your article shows an utter lack of respect for anyone who believes in something you don’t.
Miami New Times and
The Miami New Times, a part of the notorious “” online pimping and sex-trafficking network, saw fit to wrongly target officials participating the grand opening of the new Church of Scientology in Miami.
Tampa Bay Times Avoiding the Real Story on Scientology
I feel it is important that anyone be allowed to have free choice to embrace their own religion, as they personally determine. If a person finds that their faith has been helpful to them and others they love, and made improvements in their life conditions, then that is the best test for what each person should have as their belief.
Coca Cola Company Your Support of A&E/Remini Bigotry Must End
I have been a Scientologist for 23 years. For 18 of those years I worked as a church staff member in various roles, so I know the organization and its people very well, and I can tell you that this show is NOT representative of my religion, my beliefs or the Church of Scientology itself.
Expedia, You are Funding Religious Discrimination
If you continue to stand behind this hate speech, I will not stand behind you, and will boycott your company and tell everyone I know to do the same.
Scientology Officially Recognized by Numerous Governments
You would find that Scientology has been officially recognized through numerous legal decisions and government decrees in dozens of countries.
Religious Bigotry Alive at Irish Times
How you managed it I do not know, but you threw in a non-sequitur slur against the Church of Scientology in a paragraph about a Turkish cleric. Amazing.