Church of Scientology

Come to the Present, Moviepilot, and Cut the Bigotry
Look, in these volatile times our country needs emphasis placed on virtues such as compassion, understanding and tolerance, not hatred and intolerance. Events in Las Vegas and Charlottesville tell us this.
Harry Warner Would Disapprove of A&E Hate and Bigotry TV
My grandfather, Harry Warner, President of Warner Bros. Studio for over 50 years considered the medium of film and television “an instrument of peace.”
Kia, Civil and Religious Rights are Destroyed When you Fund Hate TV
The scary version of Scientology painted by A&E and their associates has never been familiar to me. And I have been a Scientologist active in many parts of the Church for 44 years.
Your Support of A&E/Remini TV Hate has Contributed to Violence Against my Church
I am the director of a Church of Scientology and have seen firsthand the hate this show produces. My own church has been vandalized on more than one occasion and verbal assaults occur at least twice a week. This is absolutely unacceptable.
Respect Among Religions Is the Future
I read your very un-Christian recent article on the Church of Scientology. The unjustified and unholy way in which you regurgitate titillating tabloid trash is far more reflective of misinformed journalism than anything to do with Scientology.
Huff Post, Posting Hateful Bigotry is Unacceptable
By Ali’s own admission, he has spent “17 years obsessed” with the subject and judging by his record he is incapable of objectivity.
Goodbye Yahoo. Hello Google.
You don’t know what a shock it was for me to find out today that I’m not real! I just checked myself yesterday and I seemed real enough. But if Yahoo, and Leah Remini say so then it must be true!
MEDIA WATCH—Decency is Found in Honest Reporting
You make derogatory inference about the Sea Organization of the Church of Scientology in your article of earlier today without, obviously, knowing anything about it.
Correction in Reference to L. Ron Hubbard
George Orwell, on the other hand, wrote to a friend in 1938: “…always thought there might be a lot of cash in starting a new religion.” His letter was later published as part of a collection of letters that was circulated widely. Orwell’s comment has been misattributed to Mr. Hubbard.
Inquisitr: Find Out What You Are Writing About Before You Write It
Your rendition of Scientology is so far removed from anything connected with the subject that you make yourself an object of ridicule by writing it. This is unfortunate, because it is so unnecessary.