Bigotry of Hemant Mehta’s at
The original purpose of, as I understand it, was to present information from authoritative sources and thus to help people learn about the world’s different faiths. Since falsehoods and bigotry in no way lead to greater understanding, Mehta’s presence on your site violates and betrays that purpose.
Decency is the Way to a Better World not Bigoted Slurs
You should understand that the world needs to be made a brighter place and that is achieved by communication of truth. And that is what Scientology is.
Hollywood Reporter: Honestly, What Were You thinking?
I tried in vain to find any intelligence, humor or grace in Scheck’s article. Indeed, it’s really clear that Scheck began watching the programming with a specific agenda in mind—he knew he had to pan the show.
The Hollywood Distorter Showing its True Colors
Seriously? Did your critic see the same network launch that I did? On the Scientology TV channel premiere I saw a new religion finding its own voice on the world stage.
Daily Beast Disparagement Does Not Sit Well With The Facts
Please do not invent fake news where there is nothing but simplicity: some people want to help others and expect nothing in return. Stay tuned.
MEDIA WATCH—Too Busy Spreading Hate to See the Good People Do
Our world has enough hatred and venom. You don’t need to add to it. Why not share some love, some respect, some care for others? We all live on the same planet.
Todd Green: Why This Christian Minister Fights Anti-Muslim Hate
“A Muslim can’t wake up in the morning and say, ‘You know, I’m going to take the day off from Islamophobia.’”