IndieWire: Don’t Gratuitously Attack My Religion
While of course each writer is entitled to their own view as to movies, people, circumstances and so on, what most stood out in their article were the gratuitous attacks on a religion of which they know nothing other than from the rumor-mill.
Daily Mail Down to Its Usual Bigoted and False Reportage
Had you exhibited a single iota of genuine interest in the subject, you would have noticed that, not one, but six CCHR documentaries air weekly on But again, why allow truth to get in the way of prejudiced coverage of humanitarian activities?
MEDIA WATCH—The New Mouthpiece for Leah Remini, American Bigot-at-Large?
I see that is the new mouthpiece for an American bigot-at-large. If you really think that Leah Remini, the ex-communicated, former Scientologist, has any credibility amongst the thinking public, you are sorely mistaken. That you cite her, as if her word means something, drops you into the same toxic swamp in which she resides.
Solidarity Among Religions Will Empower Each of Us
The attacks against Jews and Jewish institutions is unforgivable and I have vocally stood against them and shall continue to do so. I believe that we should treat each other with mutual respect.
Huff Post Reporter’s Obsession with Scientology Gets Him in Hot Water
I understand that he is, in his own words, “obsessed with Scientology,” but his obsession would be better satisfied finding out what it is and not just casting needless and baseless aspersions.
WSJ Prints Propaganda Review of Hatchet Job Book
While I appreciate that Guinn and Wright are bedfellows, in a figurative sense, further hyping of a notorious propaganda piece by Guinn actually cloaks him in the same mantle of bigotry.
MEDIA WATCH—the New Purveyor of Lies and Bigotry
Megyn Kelly, in her NBC Today show, broadcast the statement of the Deputy Commissioner of Policy for the California Department of Business Oversight. It is completely damning of LeClair and her fabricated story.
Come on Daily Mail—It’s Time You Get The Story Straight
I see that the Daily Mail continues to pander to religious hate-monger Leah Remini and once again publishes her bigoted hogwash—this time a fake story that someone talking to Leah Remini could in some way imperil that person’s custody of her own child. For Gawd's sake!
MEDIA WATCH, Instead of Promoting Lies About Scientology Why Not Get The Truth?
Leah Remini is a bigot. She is hateful, vicious and hurtful. Her claim to fame is her assault upon her former friends and faith. According to countless testimonies of those who knew her well, she was only proficient at maligning them.
John and Ken At KFI: Your Interest and Understanding Would Do Better Than Your Snark
I see it is trendy to trash things one does not know or understand. The only right an elevated voice really has is to find out about new subjects, to look, search, become inquisitive about and possibly learn something new. And then from that viewpoint share the knowledge.