Come on Anheuser, Support Tolerance, Not Hate
A&E has resurrected bigotry with Remini’s “Aftermath” and regrettably, you are a supporter. Through your support you have become a partner in hate, bigotry and lies. This is true. I am a businessman and run the largest company of its type in America. I can’t always choose my clients, but I can choose the people and causes I support.
IKEA—Built on Good Works—Should Not Support TV Hate
The Reverend Martin Luther King Jr. famously stated: “He who passively accepts evil is as much involved in it as he who helps to perpetrate it. He who accepts evil without protesting against it is really cooperating with it.”
Coca Cola Company Your Support of A&E/Remini Bigotry Must End
I have been a Scientologist for 23 years. For 18 of those years I worked as a church staff member in various roles, so I know the organization and its people very well, and I can tell you that this show is NOT representative of my religion, my beliefs or the Church of Scientology itself.
Sleazy Tabloid Journalism From the Hollywood Reporter
Just read your crap piece on Elisabeth Moss and Scientology. It’s articles like this which damage your credibility as anything other than a trashy magazine. Swearing has nothing to do with Scientology.
Rolling Stone: Stick with the Facts on Scientology
Had he instead opened a book by L. Ron Hubbard or listened to one of his many lectures—similar to listening to Beck’s music before writing his opinion—Piccinini would certainly deliver a more intelligent and meaningful opinion.
Insurance Should Insure Against A&E Hate TV Shows
I’m a Scientologist and have been for 43 years. My father was a Scientologist (until he passed away) and he introduced me to it. My children are Scientologists—by their choice—and so are my grandchildren. In all the years I’ve been in Scientology I have never seen anything the likes of which Ms. Remini speaks.
Liberty Mutual, We Are Shocked You Support A&E Hate TV
If you advertise on such programs it broadcasts that you are in pro-religious discrimination, pro-bigotry and pro-violence against parishioners of a religion.
Yahoo—A New Shill for Leah Remini
My name is Jim Meskimen. I am not a robot, I am a flesh and blood person, and a blogger for STAND. As I am not merely an avatar or a fake account, I am capable of thinking and feeling, and expressing my own views.
MEDIA WATCH, Use the Resources Given Not Bigots and Haters
Please, take advantage of the resources we provide you at and I would like to see you use them if you choose to write or learn about Scientology in the future.
My Personal Appeal to Your Reason
The hateful and false claims from the Leah Remini Aftermath show do in fact create damage. Those false claims incite hate, bigotry and violence, not in theory but in the reality of hard cold facts.