Scientology: A Way of Spiritual Self-Identification


In this article from 1995, Dr. Michael A. Sivertsev describes the process by which Scientologists come to self-identify as such, in spiritual and religious terms, in societies (such as in his homeland of Russia) that have experienced periods of secularization. With an analysis of the Scientology theological system, religious doctrine, esoteric knowledge, auditing techniques, Bridge to Total Freedom and confessional theology in hand, Dr. Sivertsev writes: “The religious message and the religious practice of the Church of Scientology come and are taught to mankind in a time when spiritual messages are extremely difficult to perceive. … The Church of Scientology takes into account the religious and confessional diversity of modern society. Therefore the spiritual message of the Church of Scientology is directed to all religious groups and permits those of other religions to practice Scientology.”