Latest Poll Affirms Religion as a Positive Force in Society

A nationwide survey of 6,364 U.S. adults confirmed that the majority of Americans value churches and religious organizations.

According to the poll by the Pew Research Center, 55 percent believe that churches and religious organizations “do more good than harm in American society.” Only 20 percent took the opposite position, while 24 percent adopted a neutral stance, expressing that religions “don’t make much difference.”

Photo by Josef Hanus/ 

Conducted online in March and April 2019, results were released in November. Of note, the survey disclosed that many more U.S. adults say churches and religious organizations “strengthen morality in society” (53 percent) than those who feel religious organizations “weaken morality” (12 percent).

“The free exercise of religion is every person’s inherent and inalienable right.”

Similarly, 50 percent believe churches and religious organizations “mostly bring people together” while only 21 percent say they “mostly push people apart.” Twenty-nine percent felt that religions did neither.

Pew also reported, “U.S. adults are resoundingly clear in their belief that religious institutions should stay out of politics. Nearly two-thirds of Americans in the new survey say churches and other houses of worship should keep out of political matters.”

“This survey affirms the vital role of religion in strengthening society and upholding moral values,” said Edward Parkin, International Director of STAND. “The free exercise of religion is every person’s inherent and inalienable right—one that STAND is dedicated to securing for one and all.”