David Love Loses Court Case, Must Pay Costs

The Small Claims Court of the Province of Quebec, Canada, dismissed David Edgar Love’s claim against the Church of Scientology of Montreal and two Scientologists, after finding zero merit to his claims of mistreatment. The judge also ordered Love to pay costs to the victors.

The story began in 2009 when David Love, a small-time crook with a 40-year drug habit found himself in a Vancouver hospital, dying after his latest overdose.

A month earlier he had been charged with possession of stolen property in excess of $5,000 (theft of a motor vehicle), possession of stolen property less than $5,000 (car keys), and breaking and entering. He pled guilty.

Then he got a lucky break. His daughter reached out to her father with the opportunity to do the Narconon drug rehabilitation program and eliminate the grip of addiction once and for all.

David Love charged with possession of stolen property in excess of $5,000 (theft of a motor vehicle), possession of stolen property less than $5,000 (car keys), and breaking and entering. He pled guilty.

Love entered a Narconon center and after the extensive, multifaceted program with enormous care and devotion from staff, broke free from his life of abuse. During his graduation speech, Love expressed, repeatedly and tearfully, that “Narconon saved my life.”

“With this program, and the patience, persistence, and compassion of the staff, I was able to completely turn my hopeless life around and begin to give back by helping others,” he told the graduation audience.

And to put action to his desire to give back, Love signed on as a Narconon staff member.

“What my father is famous for doing is taking a grain of sand of the truth and exaggerating it to suit his needs. He has been doing this all his life, and after having an addiction to street drugs for as long as David has had, it makes one delusional and paranoid…”

Within a few months, with no word to family or co-workers, Love abandoned his Narconon position and returned to his life of crime. Later, Love stated that his final act was to steal “big garbage bags of documents when I left. All I could carry."

Love then began a one-man campaign against the Narconon center and the Church of Scientology, many of whose members are supporters of the program.

David Love with member of cyber-terror group Anonymous

Love’s daughter, Amber, wrote: “What my father is famous for doing is taking a grain of sand of the truth and exaggerating it to suit his needs. He has been doing this all his life, and after having an addiction to street drugs for as long as David has had, it makes one delusional and paranoid.

“I write this … because I could not in good conscience stand by and watch my father destroy so many people's lives without at least standing up and saying something.”

One such example is a 2013 incident in Arizona where Love was staying with a female friend. In the midst of an argument that Love admitted was fueled by alcohol, he called 911. The 6’2”, 195-pound Love claimed that his petite 5’3”, 125-pound partner had so intimidated him that he urgently needed police intervention. At the end of the call, though, Love forgot to disconnect his phone and the 911 operator recorded him instantly changing into a tough-talking thug who used the f-word 195 times in threatening the woman. So when the police arrived, rather than booking his girlfriend, they cited Love and took him to police headquarters.

Transcript: DAVID LOVE CALLS 911 on October 20, 2013, in Jerome, Arizona

911: 911. What’s the address?

David Love: Yes, I have been harassed by a woman. Her name is [MS]. I am in the Grand Hotel, in, in Arizona …

911: Jerome.

David Love: Jerome, yeah. She is threatening my life.

911: Are you in a room?

David Love: Yes, I am.

911: What room?

David Love: Room 33.

911: Sir, and what is your name?

David Love: She is very psychotic. My name is David Love from Montreal, Canada.

911: How do you spell your last name?

David Love: L-O-V-E.

911: OK. I’ll send them up there.

David Love: Please send them right away.

911: And is the lady still in the room with you?

David Love: She is still in the room, yeah. She is very threatening.

911: Ok. I will send them up.

David Love: OK. Thank you very much.

911: You are very welcome.

David Love: I don’t know if she is going to stab me or what. Thank you very much.

911: OK. No problem.

(Call ends but the line remains open.)

David Love: ...I am going to have you f***ing arrested, you f***ing c***. F***ing, f***ing bitch…psychotic f***ing bitch.

David Love: (yelling loud) You f*** with people but you don’t f*** with me.

You f*** yourself. I did not f***ing send that f***ing email. F***yourself. I f***ing love you, you are my f***ing pet. You do this to me. You f***ing c***. … F*** yourself.

Go f*** yourself, f***ing bitch.

I am going to have you f***ing arrested, you f***ing c***. F***ing, f***ing bitch. … Psychotic f***ing bitch.

MS: (inaudible)

David Love: Just f***ing wait. You are going to be f***ing arrested you f***ing c***.

MS: (inaudible)

David Love: F*** you. F***ing threaten me you f***ing bitch.

MS: What are you talking about?

David Love: You did and I am going to f***ing report it.

MS: (inaudible)

David Love: F*** you. F*** you. You played with the wrong f***ing player this time. F*** you, f*** you. F***ing c***, you f***ing slut. F*** you. F***you. F***ing two-timing f***ing whore.

MS: (inaudible)

David Love: You are a f***ing c***. … f***ing whore.

MS: No I’m not.

David Love: F*** you. … (inaudible) I am going to have you arrested ...(inaudible) F***ing problems with my f***ing computer. I am going to f***ing show the cops what you do you f***ing slut. You’re going to play me, you f***ing play with the wrong f***ing person you mother f*****.

MS: (inaudible)

David Love: Don’t f*** with me. F***off.

MS: (inaudible)

David Love: … whatever you want to f***ing do.

MS: I don’t know what happened.

David Love: You f***ing did this to me, f***ing c***. I thought I sent that f***ing email to you? F*** you.

MS: (inaudible)

David Love: Yeah, f*** you. F***you, f***ing c***. F***ing psychotic f***ing bitch.

MS: (inaudible)

David Love: F***ing right. F*** you, f***ing bitch. F***ing bitch. You think I’d send a f***ing email like that? I would never f***ing send an email like that. …(inaudible)…

MS: (inaudible)

David Love: … (inaudible)… f***ing recording, a tape recording that blows your f***ing mind.

MS: I could … (inaudible).

David Love: Well the police will be here in a f***ing minute and you f***ing c*** and you want to do this to f***ing me? Why do you do this to me? You f***ing set me up, you f***ing c***.

MS: … what are you talking about?

David Love: F***ing bitch. F***ing threaten to f***ing jail me. You f***ing bitch.

MS: I am trying to understand you.

David Love: F***ing (inaudible) F*** you. F*** you. F*** you. Give me that f***ing bottle.

MS: (inaudible)

David Love: Give me that f***ing bottle. F***ing bitch.

MS: (inaudible)

(Sound of a slap)

MS: Ouch!

David Love: F***ing whore, you f***ing bitch.

MS: (inaudible)

David Love: F*** you bitch. Why did you do this to me? (crying)

MSd: I did not do anything to you.

David Love: You did. (crying) Why?

MS: (inaudible)

David Love: … f***ing c***.

MS: I am trying to get (inaudible)

David Love: … what I f***ing thought. You are (inaudible), I knew it.

MS: I am ….(inaudible)

David Love: You are fucking OSA from day one. Everybody was f***ing right.

MS: (inaudible)

David Love: … OSA all the way.

(dialing phone sound)

David Love: (crying) You f***ing bitch. Why did you do this to me? You f***ing played me for two f***ing months. You played me for two f***ing months. That is just the way the cops are going to see it.

MSd: (inaudible)

David Love: I don’t f****ing care. I never sent that f****ing email to you.

MS: (inaudible)

David Love: I never f***ing…I told you. You told me to go f*** myself. Well f*** you. Wait till the police gets here. They are going to hear the whole f***ing story.

David Love: You f***ing threatened to f***ing cut my throat you f***ing bitch.

David Love: … We’ll f***ing see… and you threatened to turn me in for f***ing drugs, you f***ing c***.

MS: I did not.

David Love:…They are getting the whole f***ing works. From you and your f***ing family. You want to play me you f***ing c***? You played with the wrong f***ing Canadian. Your father, your mother, your drug use, everything. You f***ing cunt. F***ing c***s*****. 

David Love: You did, so f*** you. We are going to see who f***ing …..(unintelligible).

F*** you. F*** you. F*** you. F***ing OSA c***. You are a f***ing OSA c***. You are going to f***ing go down for it. F***ing bitch. Played me for two f***ing months. You f***ing played me for two f***ing months.

MS: (inaudible)

David Love: You are f***ing good though. I must say you are one of the fucking best.

MS: (inaudible)

David Love: F*** you. I don’t give a f*** who you are. I never sent that f***ing email to you. Are you f***ing kidding me? Wait till the police get here. F***this shit. F**** this s***. The police are going to get the whole f***ing enchilada. They are getting the whole f***ing works. From you and your f***ing family. You want to play me you f***ing c***? You played with the wrong f***ing Canadian. Your father, your mother, your drug use, everything. You f***ing cunt. F***ing c***s*****. (inaudible)

MS: (inaudible)

David Love: … F***ing bitch.

MS: (inaudible)

David Love: What? You are going to be known all over … and the f***ing …

MS: (inaudible)

David Love: You think they won’t f***ing believe me? You are a fucking O-S-A c***. You have been playing everybody for f***ing years.

MS: (inaudible)

David Love: Watch! You think they won’t f***ing believe me? Watch! I can f****ing prove it. So stick that up your f***ing p***y. Bitch. You threaten to cut my f***ing throat, I go to f***ing report it. You f***ing threatened to kill me.

MS: I did not.

David Love: That is what the cops are going to know, right f***ing now. You want to leave me here? I don’t f***ing care. I got friends that will fly me f***ing back to Canada.

Fuck you. You are going to get f***ing arrested you f***ing bitch. You are going to get f***ing arrested tonight. You threatened to f***ing kill me, you f***ing c***. You messed with the wrong f***ing person. F*** you.

You don’t threaten to cut somebody’s f***ing throat. Who the f*** do you think you are? F*** you. Go f*** yourself … f***ing douchebag…

I have had enough s*** from you. It is about time I f***ing start talking back to you …. last few f***ing days. Well f*** you. F***ing c***. The police are going to know the whole f***ing s***eroo.

MS: (inaudible)

David Love: F*** yourself. California, the while f***ing s***eroo. Full numbers and everything. You are f***ed bitch. You are f***ed. So is your f***ing dad (inaudible). You f***ed with the wrong person, bitch. You f***ing….you think this is a f***ing toy, bitch? You think this is a f***ing toy? You see what I go on here? Look at this. You know what I got on here?

MS: (inaudible)

David Love: F*** you. I am an investigative reporter, you f***ing idiot.

David Love: F*** you. F*** off. You are going f***ing down and so is your f***ing family. F***ing bitch. You f***ed the wrong f***ing Canadian. You think the cops …. (inaudible) .. are going to tell me to f*** off? F*** you.

MS: (inaudible)

David Love: Oh, right. … (inaudible) f***ing dumb c***. … USA … investigative reporter. I think f***ing deep.

MS: (inaudible)

David Love: F*** you. F*** off. You are going f***ing down and so is your f***ing family. F***ing bitch. You are f***ed the wrong f***ing Canadian. You think the cops …. (inaudible) .. are going to tell me to f*** off? F*** you.

MS: (inaudible)

David Love: F*** you. ….. (inaudible) go tell me to f*** off. Go f*** yourself, you f***ing slut. F*** off. … the police are reading f***ing now. You are going to f***ing jail. F*** off.


David Love: (Talking to police) Yes please come in. She is ready to cut my throat. (Almost crying). I can show you a f***ing email.

MS: (inaudible)

David Love: You did. You threatened to cut …. You want to hear the tape recording? Did you threaten to cut my throat or not?

Police: (inaudible)

David Love: Yes, ok. She threatened to cut my throat.

Police: Ok. We’ll get to get that in a minute.

David Love: Ok.

Police: Stand over here.

David Love: Ok. Yes, Sir.

Police: You have your ID on you?

David Love: Yes, I do sir.


David Love: Here you go sir.

Police: (inaudible)

David Love: (crying) I just got my life threatened.

Police: (inaudible)

David Love: … (calm and nice) a couple of months ago in Canada. For the last two months, told me that she wanted me to come down and have a love affair with her. I have the emails that would confirm that. She wanted to have sex with me. She sent me pornographic pictures, which I have, …

Police: (inaudible)

David Love: Yes, Sir.

Police: (inaudible)

David Love: You are right. She invited me down and then she told me about her drug connection. I have the address and what not of her drug connection … (inaudible). Ok. She tried to sell me drugs …. (inaudible) and her father’s involved in big drug connections and she’s involved in …. (inaudible). She basically duped me, because I am involved in attacking Scientology…

Police: (inaudible)

David Love: yes, sir.

Police: What does any of this have to do with why I am here?

David Love: Right now because she threatened to cut my throat if I did not stop.

Police: Stop what?

David Love: Working on the internet I am saying what she has done. It is hard to explain sir because …

Police: (inaudible)

David Love: We are both involved in Scientology. She is an ex-Scientologist and I used to be on staff at Narconon which is a Scientology entity. And Scientology has an office of special affairs …

Police: (inaudible)

David Love: No problem. That’s my ..(inaudible)… And Scientology uses operatives to infiltrate people like myself. I am journalist from Montreal, a reporter. They take them down so they don’t attack Scientology anymore and myself and my friends believe that she is a Scientology operative. You know, infiltrating myself. And she threatened to kill me for gods sakes (inaudible)

Police: (inaudible)

David Love: I got no reason to lie to her. I got no reason to lie. There is a lot more. I can show you the evidence and the voice recordings. I am an investigative reporter. I have tape recordings, I have videos of all the stuff that she did, the drugs that she got, there is tapes …(inaudible)… drugs there is… being interstate transported. I have met with the FBI in Oklahoma to report some of this stuff on Scientology. I have met with an FBI agent. I met with Senator Ivester in Oklahoma trying to stop these crimes; I really have. Officer, I really have. I’m not a bad person. I am just a person that is trying to stop the abuse in the cult of Scientology. And some times they send operatives … trying to infiltrate. I got fucked up, basically.

Police: Have you had anything to drink tonight?

David Love: I had about three drinks.

Police: How about you?

David Love: She has quite a bit too.

MS: Uhm.

David Love: We probable had too much to drink each. You are right. I think we can both admit that without question.

Police: (inaudible)

David Love: But I would like to file an official report with the FBI…

Police: Not just yet…


David Love: … I am not going to press it anymore because she is trying to kill herself…

Police: Where’s the phone you called 911 on?

David Love: Right here, Sir.


Police: Jason?

911: Yeah.

Police: OK. I got it buddy.

911: OK.

Police: Thank you.

911: Thanks.