Ten years ago, I was a new daddy. With a year-old daughter and my wife and I expecting our second, I was simultaneously in love with this new job of “dad” and utterly fascinated by how this parenting experience was shifting my own understanding of my religion. See, Scientology as a subject is all about helping people improve conditions they face in life, and who’s got more problems than a new parent? I had first shared own my faith online back in 1996 when I made my first webpage, so sharing my family experience seemed a natural extension.
As a child, I vaguely remember listening to adults talk and sometimes argue about whose religion was the “true religion.” This was in New Jersey in the 1960s, and no one ever got too loud but there were clearly differences of opinion being expressed.
There are times I feel like complaining and this is one of those times. I was looking through Facebook the other day and saw a mention of some comedian and his “hilarious” joke about Scientology. Of course, being the vocal person that I am, I had to pipe up that it wasn’t funny.
I was raised Jewish, and I remember going to temple and reading from the Torah when I was 11. Unfortunately, I could read the Hebrew symbols, but had no concept of what those sounds meant. So I gave up studying the Torah.
To me stupidity is not knowing about something, but then acting or speaking as if you do. Let’s say you start criticizing someone’s religion. What exactly are you criticizing? Is there some specific verse, writing, theory or philosophy you’re referring to? Or is it based on something you "heard" on the news or someone else’s ignorant opinion?