hate speech

As the World Remembers the Holocaust, Bigot Leah Remini Inspires Praise of Hitler
A Leah Remini follower tweeted that Hitler “had big ideas… the right ideas” within days of Holocaust Remembrance Day.
Daily Mail’s Dan Heching Publishes Article Smearing Every Scientologist
Tony Ortega, who first posted the string of anti-Scientology canards Heching draws from, lost his last job eight years ago due to his obsession with attacking the Scientology religion. He is known as one of the champions of Backpage.com
Dr. Oz Gives Hate a Platform on “Health and Wellness” Show
Dr. Oz aired false propaganda formulated to generate hate against Scientologists and the Scientology religion.
Groundbreaking Study Confirms Hate Speech-Hate Crime Connection
Hailing the study as the “first-of-its-kind,” the university released a statement in which Chunara said, “We found that more targeted, discriminatory tweets posted in a city related to a higher number of hate crimes. This trend across different types of cities (for example, urban, rural, large, and small) confirms the need to more specifically study how different types of discriminatory speech online may contribute to consequences in the physical world.”
Socially Conscious Companies Say: “We Want Nothing to Do With Rinder & Remini’s Toxic Hate”
At a time when Audioboom has lost over 60% of its market value, the company has remained silent about its dissemination of hate.
STAND Calls for Those Victimized by A360 Media Hate to Come Forward
To date, STAND has documented upwards of 650 instances of hate speech, outright lies and discriminatory content by American Media Inc., now A360 Media.
The Sun Writers Emma Parry & Chris White: “We Only Publish Hate Speech”
“Journalistic misconduct like that of Emma Parry and Chris White is what has crashed public confidence in the media while fueling a toxic subculture of intolerance, discrimination and the victimization of minorities,” said National STAND Director Bari Berger.
Tamron Hall Promotes Discrimination on Daytime Show
“It is unacceptable that Tamron Hall would promote a hate campaigner against any religion—anti-Scientology is anti-Scientology, anti-Semitism is anti-Semitism, Islamophobia is Islamophobia and discrimination is discrimination. Enough is enough,” said STAND National Director Bari Berger. “Hall is apparently one of the few public figures left who believes there is a place for blatant bigotry in mainstream media today.”
USA Today Promulgates Abusive Hate Speech From Blog of Sex Trafficking Apologist
“This is the company USA Today apparently keeps—sex trafficking apologists and antireligious extremists who harass and incite hate against members of a minority religion,” said Bari Berger, National STAND Director, referring to Leah Remini, whose anti-Scientology hate campaign has resulted in more than 600 threats and acts of violence against Scientologists and their children and families.
Interview with relatives of Lori Hodgson
Jessica and Jeremy Leake describe how Lori Hodgson attacked their personal beliefs and even ambushed her son with a news crew brought to his place of employment.