January 3, 2017

Targeting children for being Scientologists is offensive

Going after our children is disgusting. You are setting up the children of Scientologists to be bullied in schools because others may not realize how one-sided and untrue your show is in its portrayal of Scientology.

January 3, 2016

ABC News
New York, N.Y. 10023

Dear Mr. Harris,

My husband and I have been Scientologists for 40 years. During this time we have raised three wonderful boys using Mr. Hubbard’s technology and we find it offensive that our children and the children of other Scientologists should be targeted on your program.

Our children do not take drugs, smoke, and have never been in trouble with the law. We can not say that this was the case for some of the non-Scientology children we knew.

We will have been happily married for 40 years in September 2017 and can honestly say that might not have been the case without Scientology. Many times we talk about how glad we are that we found Scientology and were able to raise our children not only with a good education but with a good sense of ethics and morals.

Due to the fact that our children were educated on the effects of drugs on the body, mind, and spirit they had no interest in experimenting with them.

I worked with The Foundation for a Drug-Free World, using their educational materials to help reduce drug use in the Los Angeles area. Scientologists have been conducting local anti-drug activities for over 35 years.

Our children can think for themselves and have the integrity to stand up and say what they believe.

As an example, our oldest son was accepted to the music department at UCLA after graduating high school. Before the start of the year, the enrolling students were invited to spend a weekend on campus. Part of the program was a psych exam with questions such as “what would you want on your epitaph?” or “who would you save on a sinking ship?” Our son learned of these questions from his roommates, and he declined to take this exam. The students came back and were quite depressed. He asked them what happened and that is how he found out what type of test it was. He pointed out some facts to them and they brightened up right away. One of them even said our son must be a genius to know this stuff. No it was not genius, but Scientology and knowing the nature of Man.

Our other son received an Emmy at the age of 22 for sound editing. He worked with James Cameron and Mr. Cameron told the studio owner that he preferred working with our son because of his ability to communicate and understood what he wanted done. This is also a product of raising him as a Scientologist as we have a communication course where one learns all parts of communication.

All three of our boys participated in training and spiritual betterment at our church. They loved going and getting the knowledge that Scientology has available for all. Even though they started quite young, around 10 years old, they were treated with respect and kindness.

They not only benefited from Scientology but continue to live their lives responsibly and helping others. They continue to make strides in their lives as they study Scientology and move up in their spiritual progress. We couldn't be prouder of them. All three of our boys are happily married and we are expecting our third grandchild in January.

With these troubled and uncertain times we face, the people doing this bigoted show should be out helping those in need, not persecuting people who are helping and trying to make a positive difference in our society. It is the law that everyone can practice their religion freely without fear of being harassed. Going after our children is disgusting. You are setting up the children of Scientologists to be bullied in schools because others may not realize how one-sided and untrue your show is in its portrayal of Scientology.

Edie and Moshon Reuveni
North Hollywood, Calif.

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