December 31, 2016

ABC 20/20 report on Scientology

A story could be told in how Scientology can help improve conditions in life—but I imagine that isn’t really “news.”

December 31, 2016

ABC 20/20
New York, NY 10023

Dear Mr. Harris,

I feel I must communicate my views as a 20+ years member of the Church of Scientology and as a parent.

We have two children. They are now young adults. Many parents, when raising their children, had to deal with promiscuity, drugs and having their kids constantly getting into some sort of trouble. Not us. I assure you that our children are quite normal, if you describe normal as being competent, helpful, respectful of others and honest. We raised our children using Scientology.

My children know the value of being productive and effective. They learned the importance of helping others and that it is more important to help others than receiving help. They never turn their back on people in need and I could not love them more for being that way.

Scientology has taught me to be a better listener and that the young people will ultimately shape our future. Treat them with respect, listen to them and care for them without reservation, and they will always be that way toward you and others, and they have. People who met my children, especially when they were little, would always comment on their kindness and how well they engage with adults. No harm ever came to them. We just applied Scientology.

I am a business owner. I am a consultant as well. I have seen so many failed marriages, troubled children and violence in the home life of my clients, all while trying to help them with their business. These people have no idea what Scientology can offer to improve conditions and personal relationships. A story could be told of how Scientology can help improve conditions in life—but I imagine that isn’t really “news.”

Shaun Kirk
Clearwater, Fla.

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